Pete Grottenberg

Pete Grottenberg1

With a laugh as big and overflowing as his heart, Pete Grottenberg is the definition of hoppy go lucky.

For instance, new to town in April 2013, he thought it was so cool how passerby knew the names of his basset hounds (Jasper and Molly) from frequenting the Banff dog park for only a week, even though these neighbours hadn’t yet committed his and his wife Stephanie’s name to memory yet. And as the Banff Brewing Co.’s general manager, he and his team help to spill the love to all sectors of the community through its charity of choice beer initiative called Community On Tap.

Starting with the Snow Days Ale, which saw Rocky Mountain Adaptive Sports as the benefactor to Highline Magazine’s Naked Nut beer, with proceeds going back into local arts and culture, Grottenberg says supporting those who are trying to make a difference means the world to him.

“How can we not get involved? This community is so engaged, you can’t get away from it.”

And the community appreciates this generosity, as Banffite Meagan Stewart attributes Grottenberg to turning the brew pub into a community hub (through its beer club and mountain film nights) as well as true social enterprise.

“For Pete, it seems that rather than conflicting with his business interests, community support is an underlying and complimentary value. To my mind, that is a fantastic example of how we can all shine in our day to day lives,” Stewart says.

Having lived in Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver, Vernon, Jasper, Edmonton, Ottawa and now Banff all in the last 12 years, the Grottenbergs are excited to call Banff home.

“We love the mountains — we sold our house, our truck, and said we would figure it out. Living here is so amazing so we asked ourselves ‘why are we trying to chase something in the city?’”

Grottenberg is also currently working on his MBA from Royal Roads University in Victoria on top of his general manager duties and Stephanie works for Parks Canada. In their downtime they save their Sundays for skiing, snowboarding, biking, or hiking together. And depending on the mood of the occasion, he suggests black pilsners for drinking on patios and IPAs when the feeling is more festive. He also credits his company for allowing him the freedom to make these community connections.

“It wouldn’t be possible without this company. They say ‘yes — this is community — go!’ The relationships I help to create here will last longer than me.”