Shining the light on Banff’s story-makers

At the core of Banff’s unique community are the inspiring people who live here. The people who motivate and take action; who tackle challenges and overcome obstacles; who are eternally creative and multi-talented; who get involved and make a difference.

There are those who make big differences in the lives of others with small acts of kindness and there are those who stir the pot and shake things up.  They are not defined by age, background or ethnicity; their impact is not measured by the length of time they spend in our community; they are the story-makers, the people who’s shining spirit moves us to share our appreciation for them with others.

When we think of our community, people tend to come to mind. These are the people who, when we think about them, help us feel our own potential shining. They are the ordinary extraordinariness; the behind-the-scenes catalysts; the artists; the connectors and the motivators; the youth who make an impact and the indispensable one’s with endless generosity of spirit.

It’s time to recognize the people in our community who shine and inspire us to do the same – it’s time for us to stand up and shout from the mountaintops “thank you for who you are and most of all Thanks for Giving!”

In recognizing and honouring those who benefit our community with their infinite energy and giving spirit, we acknowledge and celebrate our collective sense of identity and belonging.

We invite you to nominate the outstanding and inspirational people in your life.


To increase the profile of those who, by giving, enrich us with their community service and spirit.


• To recognize and honour community service and spirit
• To create and celebrate a sense of identity and belonging in this community
• To encourage more people to become actively involved in building community

Our Partners

Shine wouldn’t be the campaign it is today without the ongoing support of our amazing partners. We are so lucky to have a team of great individuals, who all make up larger organizations that, together, make Shine a success.

Here at Shine we work closely with The Banff Community Foundation, the Town of Banff and the Banff Ideas Bank to lift up those in our community who deserve to be honoured for their contributions. Each of our three partner organizations plays an equally vital role in the continued growth of the Shine campaign.

bcfThe Banff Community Foundation has acted as home base for SHINE since the ideas phase began in 2011. BCF oversees many aspects of this special community program including:  financial management, jury support, and administrative oversight. The Banff Community Foundation also acts as the fiscal agent and administrator for grants received. SHINE communications are also co-ordinated out the BCF office and the organization remains a committed advocate of the SHINE vision and values.

tob The Town of Banff Community Services department has been another key partner in the design of SHINE’s vision and values and has also offered financial support for the program. Staff play a key role in planning, jury selection, the nomination and recognition processes as well as help to co-ordinate all SHINE events.

ideasbank-p175The Banff Ideas bank has been the driving force behind the development and maintenance of the SHINE website. Founders Kim Bater and Colin Funk played an integral role in the early development phases of the campaign, and continue to support the values and vision that define SHINE.


Who is the person on the front lines improving your neighbourhood, starting a movement, making a difference, making you smile and, all in all, creating an even better life in Banff for us all?

Ask yourself, who do I know who?

  • Motivates, inspires and creates opportunities
  • Does wonderful things on a daily basis
  • Always does their best, whatever they do, with grace and humility
  • Brings people together to rally around an idea and make it a reality
  • Finds new and improved ways of getting things done
  • Has unlimited kindness and empathy for their neighbour
  • Makes connections and constantly knows who to get involved

Got someone in mind that you’d like to nominate? Submit a nomination.

Mayor Sorensen honouring Dorothy Carleton

Mayor Sorensen honouring Dorothy Carleton