Cathy Geisler


Our next honouree is one of those volunteers who doesn’t demand the spotlight and tends to fly under the radar, happy to work quietly in the background to help the Banff community run seamlessly and efficiently. Cathy Geisler is a woman who is well known for her efforts and the amazing job she does year in and year out, without ever seeking recognition for her contributions.

Always one of the first to arrive and certainly one of the last the leave regardless of the event, Cathy exemplifies the true meaning of a volunteer. Cathy’s nominators described her as someone who is, “Truly humble and deserving.” One nominator went on to say that she has a “giving heart,” and words that are “wise, patient and calm.”

Described as a solution-finder, who is pro-active and fun, Cathy can be found donating her time to a variety of causes in the Bow Valley. This year alone she volunteered with the Campaign for Togetherness, managed the Atom B hockey team and sat on more than one school committee. Cathy is also responsible for the creation of the Mountain Readers program, connecting almost 20 non-parent volunteers with young students in order to improve their reading skills.

“For Cathy it is all about tapping into the resources and ensuring everyone is involved,” said one nominator. “She does it all.”

Congratulations Cathy and thank you for your contributions to the Banff Community. You are truly an inspiration and you make Banff a better place to live because of your dedication to helping others. SHINE would like to say, “thank you for who you are and most of all Thanks for Giving!”

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