Chic Scott

 Chic Scott


For many people in the Banff community, our 3rd nominee doesn’t need much of an introduction. Chic Scott is somewhat of a Banff legend, but more so he has been an incredibly generous, giving member of our community for nearly 40 years. It was no surprise to the committee that the 2013 call for nominations resulted in not one, not two, BUT three submissions for this outstanding man.

Enthusiasm is one word that all three of Chic’s nominators used to describe him. Dedication to sport and the effort to build an authentic alpine community were also descriptors that all three nominators used to explain their reasons for nominating this individual.

“Chic Scott’s passion for the mountains is boundless,” said one nominator. “As an author, speaker, mountain climber, hiker and skier he has spent the better part of his life embracing the mountains and the wilderness. But it is his enthusiasm for sharing this with others that makes him so valuable to this community.”

Having published many books in the realm of wilderness and mountain adventure, Chic is most certainly someone who can be counted on to safely introduce seasonal workers to the world of backcountry skiing and mountain adventure. Chic does just that through One Cool Winter, an annual presentation put on through BanffLIFE.

Beyond sharing his love for the outdoors, Chic donates his time as the main organizer of the annual fundraising gala for the Banff Public Library, has served on the library board for three years and is the originator of the Whyte Museum fireside chats, featuring stories of Banff pioneers. Chic also lends his literary talents as a judge in the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation annual creative writing contest.

One nominator shared her belief that, “All who know Chic will attest to his personal interest in all things that help to build a smart and caring community.” We couldn’t agree more!

Congratulations Chic and thank you for your contributions to the Banff community. You are truly an inspiration and you make Banff a better place to live because of your dedication to helping others. SHINE would like to say, “thank you for who you are and most of all Thanks for Giving!”

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