Eric Harvie

Believing that it is not the responsibility of Parks Canada alone to shape the recreational opportunities within our national park, Eric Harvie has taken it upon himself to improve the town he lives in so that Banffites may enjoy and experience the park in a whole new way.

As an avid biker and an active community member, Eric has been involved with Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance for more than 15 years. It is because of his hard work and initiative that we have seen the Tunnel Mountain trails go through so much growth and development in recent years.

Under Eric’s guidance, the BVMBA has undertaken hours’ worth of projects, from fundraising to trail development, and sign building to map creation so that recreational users drawn to these excellent trails can safely explore the expansive network that spans from one end of the mountain to the other.

Setting a great example for recreational users of all ages, Eric has proven that with hard work and dedication, an agreement can be reached that suits all groups within the Park, from mountain bikers to Parks Canada officials. His respectful nature and commitment to his community has undoubtedly made Banff a more fun, active place to live.

Congratulations Eric and thank you for your contributions to the Banff Community. You are truly an inspiration and you make Banff a better place to live because of your dedication to helping others. SHINE would like to say, “thank you for who you are and most of all Thanks for Giving!”

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