Erin Daigle



There’s no better feeling of fulfillment for Erin Daigle than contributing to a smile. One surefire way for her to do this is by raising funds for good causes, something she knows a lot about.

Daigle has organized the “Movember” fundraiser in Banff for the past four years – a campaign where men grow moustaches for the month of November to raise awareness for men’s health. Why “Movember?” The cause hits close to home.

“In late 2009 my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and went through radiation; he’s now in remission. Seeing him be so positive about it, and watching him beat it, gave me huge motivation to fundraise and do what I can,” Daigle said. “It started with inspiration from my dad.”

Each year the fundraiser has expanded in Banff, and her efforts have helped raise $6,000.

When her sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer, Daigle immediately began raising money so her brother could take time off work to be with his ailing wife, who has since passed.

“It’s terrible. You never think it’s going to happen to you or your family,” said Daigle. “In that case, I felt helpless, and he’s my little brother, so I can’t make it go away. But obviously what he wants most is to be by her side while she’s fighting and he can’t do

that while he’s working.”

Her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and she says there’s nothing more contagious than leading by example. Her young children have seen her fundraising efforts and contribute in whatever small way they can.

“I love that they’re getting that from me even in some small

way,” she said.



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