Garry Gonis

When it comes to Garry Gonis and volunteering, the outcome is music to our ears! From behind the scenes to holding the spotlight, Garry does it all.

If you’ve ever attended a coffee house, concert, live performance or musical performance of any kind in Banff, you’ve seen Garry’s efforts unfold right before your eyes.

Known in the community as the sound man, Garry loves to create connections, but more than that he loves to create sounds. He’s keen to sit and strike a chord with anyone, and is always happy to help musicians get a gig – sharing with them the time, space, equipment, resources or ideas to get them to where they need to be. He’s enthusiastic when it comes to helping and does whatever it takes to help other succeed.

Garry’s expertise is recognized and valued by many in the Banff music scene, but it is his genuine love of both music and people that unites him with so many others.

Congratulations Garry and thank you for your contributions to the Banff Community. You are truly an inspiration and you make Banff a better place to live because of your dedication to helping others. SHINE would like to say, “thank you for who you are and most of all Thanks for Giving!”

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