Mia Hoffmanova

Mia Hoffmanova_Photo

Mia Hoffmanova was four years old the first time she laid eyes on the Canadian Rockies. Born in the Czech Republic, this discovery was made while flipping through an encyclopedia. However, the photographs of mountains stayed with her into adulthood and led her to quit her job and move to Canada in 2011. Since then, Mia has worked in hospitality and volunteered in the community, mostly with the Banff Mountain Film Festival, the Alpine Club of Canada, and with BanffLIFE, an organization that programs events for local 18 to 30 year olds. Using her fierce love of the outdoors and her happy, go lucky personality and curiosity for hearing people’s stories; Mia recently became a hiking guide for BanffLIFE.

“Mia lights up when she is outside and amongst nature,” BanffLIFE coordinator Michelle Backhouse says. “She is the type of person who embraces the rain and reminds you to stop and smell the flowers. Always absorbing information about the environment and community, Mia is eager to share her knowledge as well as learn from others.”

A true mountain woman, Mia is an avid hiker, skier, rock and ice climber who has experience with glacier travel and rescue as well as alpine routes. She also likes to snowshoe, skate, and ride her bike.

And when she’s not in the outdoors adventuring, she can be found helping friends with their numerology. Studying numerology is a passion Mia loves as much as her pursuits out in nature.
Mia gives back because she believes in paying it forward; especially to a community that she says gave her so much when she was new to town.

“I remember how challenging it was when I came to Banff. Being in a different country on my own: without friends, family, equipment, a car or knowledge about my surroundings. When I found out about all of the activities, events, outdoor programs, adventures, and volunteering organized by BanffLIFE, it changed my life,” Mia says. “I met new people with similar interests, I learned new skills, and I became more familiar with the area and challenged myself to become a stronger part of the community I decided to live in.”