Nancy DaDalt


Sharing values to meet common goals as a community began as a vision of Nancy DaDalt’s and, after years of volunteering, she has seen the fruits of her labour.

As former co-chair of Banff Elementary School parent council, DaDalt helped create a strategy for the school centering on shared principles, while developing an enhanced plan to connect place with students and curriculum.  With a team of parents, they developed pillars that were used to ensure the shared vision weaved throughout school decisions aligning with the board’s Inspiring Hearts & Minds initiatives.

“I wanted our son to be part of a community school.  That meant me being part of his daily community with teachers and administrators.,” said DaDalt.

“It takes a village to raise a child and it is about supporting each other, a two way street.  Teachers support our children.  Parents support our teachers.  We all support each other, share values, aim for goals together. That’s what’s important and what has stood out.”

Over her 25 years in the Rockies, DaDalt served as co-chair at the Banff Child Care Centre, where fundraising efforts were taken to a “different level” as it aided balancing fees and helped it become more financially sustainable.

“Living here as long as I have, I’ve volunteered in so many areas.  At first it was about getting involved and meeting people and being in the thick of the action.  Now it’s about giving back and sharing resources” said DaDalt.

Nancy has been recognized as a dedicated volunteer who has gone above and beyond.  She feels lucky that she lives in a community where people “step up on a regular basis.”

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