Nominations for 2016
now open until May 31, 2016

Who can you nominate? Anyone who has inspired you with their contributions to the Banff community! You can nominate as many times as you like; there are no restrictions.

  • Motivates, inspires and creates opportunities
  • Does wonderful things on a daily basis
  • Always does their best, whatever they do, with grace and humility
  • Brings people together to rally around an idea and make it a reality
  • Finds new and improved ways of getting things done
  • Has unlimited kindness and empathy for their neighbour
  • Makes connections and constantly knows who to get involved


2015 Online Nomination Form

Please fill out the following for yourself:

Please fill out the following for your nominee:

Please supply one reference to support your nomination:

1. I understand that I cannot provide information for someone else without their permission. I hereby verify that I have notified the person I am nominating and have received permission to provide this personal information. And if we need more information, we have permission to call you, the nominator.

2. How long have you know this nominee?

3. In 250-500 words please describe what this person does to give back to their community by sharing with us how they set an example of being a community ambassador, how they contribute to the vibrancy of Banff, how they inspire others to contribute, and how they shape the community’s culture. Tell us: what makes them SHINE?