Rob Murray


Rob Murray arrived at work on the morning of the 2013 southern Alberta floods knowing he needed to go above and beyond for the Bow Valley. That day, the Mountain FM radio host made a commitment to himself to be there for the community he loves.

“I realized we were in a state of emergency and I said right off the bat that I’m going be here as long as I’m needed, and it turned out that the community really needed us, especially for the first couple of days,” Murray said. “By providing real-time

information and being a source for that information … There was a job that needed to be done.”

Murray says he’s quite proud of the flood coverage he and the team at the radio station did. As a public figure, he thinks there is a responsibility to be involved, whether it’s informing people on-air to spread the word about a natural disaster or actively being involved in the community in a positive way.

“People who want to be engaged with the community have to have an outlet to do so. They have to have the information to make a decision on how they want to spend their time and money with local causes and organizations,” said Murray.

He has been a part of causes and events such as Walk-a-Mile in Her Shoes, Relay for Life, and master of ceremonies for Canada Day in Banff.

First arriving in the Bow Valley when he was 21 years old, Murray has spent the past 12 years here. Although not technically a resident of Banff, he considers the Bow Valley as one vibrant and connected community.

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