Terry Benoit

Serving as the eyes and ears of the seniors population in Banff makes Terry Benoit not only very deserving of his SHINE award, it also makes him an invaluable member of our great community.

While Terry is employed by the Town of Banff as the seniors’ bus driver, he continually goes above and beyond his job description to help others in need. On a weekly basis, Terry delivers meals on wheels within the community, spends time shopping for seniors with disabilities, and provides mail service and pick up for those in need.

“He comes to my office on his free time to express concerns about individuals in need of assistance within the community so that I, in turn, can provide resources and assistance,” said his nominator. “He takes time every week to check in with those who are isolated or are having health issues to ensure they are O.K.”

Terry is described by his nominator as a modest man who avoids overt displays of gratitude for his contributions. However, his nominator strongly believes that, “There are occasions where a person with such qualities simply must be recognized for what he or she provides.” We certainly agree!

Congratulations Terry and thank you for your contributions to the Banff Community. You are truly an inspiration and you make Banff a better place to live because of your dedication to helping others. SHINE would like to say, “thank you for who you are and most of all Thanks for Giving!”

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